• Analysis of Causes of Transformer Oil Leakage and Sharing of Solutions

      19 2021-01-25
    • What is the difference between inverter overload and overcurrent?

      Overload is a time concept, which means that the load exceeds a certain multiple of the rated load in a continuous time. Overcurrent is a quantitative concept, which refers to how many times the load suddenly exceeds the rated load.

      12 2021-01-20
    • Principle and function of Earthing switch

      Grounding switch, a kind of isolating switch, is mainly used in the work of circuit grounding part. It does not need to carry the current under normal circuit, but needs to carry the current under abnormal conditions for a certain period of time, such as short circuit circuit circuit. This paper introduces the working principle of grounding switch in detail.

      16 2020-11-10
    • What is the harm of replacing copper with aluminum in transformer?

      After investigating a number of power accidents, it is found that the problem of "replacing copper with aluminum" in distribution transformers has not been banned. After production, it is difficult to identify the appearance and terminal blocks of the finished products, and it is difficult to find the test items specified in the existing standards. At the same time, the core hanging disassembly inspection is a destructive method, which is difficult and uneconomical.

      5 2020-10-31
    • Causes and technical treatment of transformer common faults

      If the transformer fault occurs in the process of operation, it will directly affect the normal operation of the power supply system, and will also cause huge losses to enterprises and people's lives. Summary of relevant treatment methods, timely and effective troubleshooting, reduce the potential safety hazard of transformer, contribute to better maintenance of transformer safety.

      7 2020-10-27
    • Operation and maintenance of voltage transformer

      26 2021-02-02
    • Parameter analysis of air switch

      Air switch is a very important electrical appliance in low-voltage distribution network and electric drive system, which integrates control and multiple protection functions.

      12 2020-09-22
    • Detailed explanation:10 kv ring main unit

      Ring network cabinet is a set of high-voltage switchgear installed in the steel plate metal cabinet or made into the electrical equipment of assembling the interval ring network power supply unit. The core part of the cabinet is load switch and fuse, which has the advantages of simple structure, small volume, low price, improving power supply parameters and performance, and power supply safety, etc. 

      30 2020-05-18
    • insight into power supply and distribution technology

      After the invention of three-phase alternating current in the 20th century, power supply and distribution technology has continued to develop in the direction of 1 large unit; 2 large power grids; 3 ultra-high voltage; 4 high automation.

      18 2020-05-13
    • Research on distribution automation system

      With the rapid development of technology, distribution network automation technology is also constantly developing. Distribution automation projects have made new breakthroughs in technical routes, project management, project implementation, equipment level, operation and maintenance management, etc.

      9 2020-05-09

Power system consists of power generation, transmission, transformation, distribution and consumption. Its function is to convert the primary energy of nature into electric energy through power generation device, and then supply the power to users through transmission, transformation and distribution. In order to realize this function, the power system also has corresponding information and control system in each link and different levels, which can measure, adjust, control, protect, communicate and dispatch the power production process, so as to ensure that users can obtain safe, economic and high-quality power.

Power system analysis